The Reedham Children's Trust

The Reedham Children's Trust is a grant making body, which supports children who, through the death or disablement of one or both parents are in urgent need of assistance and care, or who because of their circumstances are at risk or cannot be cared for adequately in their home environment. By allocating resources and ensuring capital remains intact, the Trust is able to provide assistance with boarding fees for some 130 children at independent and state boarding schools each year and by doing so gives children the stable and caring environment they desperately need.

Since 2003 the BWCF has made three grants to the Trust to provide emergency funds for helping unexpected and desperate cases which is in addition to the children that the Trust normally assists. The latest grant provides funding over three years from 2009 to 2011. Visits are made from time to time to meet children who are at boarding schools with the help of BWCF grants. In nearly every case the Reedham Children's Trust has made a difference to a child’s confidence and well being and it is reassuring to see these children gradually leading normal and happy lives.

In addition, at recent Reedham Children's Trust AGMs, it has been a pleasure for BWCF representatives to hear directly from Headmasters and Reedham-supported children about how their boarding school experiences have helped them cope with their home circumstances and, in a small way, changed their perspective on the world.

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