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The BWCF has made various donations towards the costs of producing the National Blind Children’s Society (NBCS) state-of-the-art digitalised books at its production department in head office at Highbridge, Somerset in 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2009. These books are of enormous benefit to children with visual impairment (VI) and the NBCS CustomEyes book department has more than doubled each year since 2007, producing large-print books. Each book can take up several volumes once it has been reformatted to a larger font size and many of these books are text books. To meet the demand CustomEyes has moved to a larger office space which has enabled NBCS to expand and upgrade its publishing operations. New digital printers, binders and specialised software, part funded by the BWCF grant, has now enabled NBCS to reduce costs and therefore offer a wider range of books to a higher standard and with a much faster turnaround time.

In 2011 the most recent BWCF grant was a significant contribution to the area of ICT specialist services. This is another key NBCS operation based in Somerset where ICT, equipment and grants are distributed. The service offers significant benefits to children with VI by providing ICT equipment and VI software, creating tailor-made equipment packages, guiding education professionals in best practice to cater for a child with VI, supporting children to find the best equipment, providing grants when other monies are not available, providing toys such as adapted trampolines and talking teddies, as well as providing opportunities in music, art, creativeness and fitness.

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